RJS Landscapers Cambridge for Patios, Driveways, Turfing, Fencing and more…

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The humble patio has been around in one form or another for hundreds of years now but it has changed dramatically over time and there are so many choices of slabs or stone patios that can totally transform your garden space.

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At RJS Landscapes we can cater for any taste you may have and any grand design you may have in mind. We have completed may projects large and small and our customer base ranges from the small two up two down to the grandiose country mansion.

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At RJS Landscaping we have been erecting fences for years and have a fantastic range of panels to choose from, that is if you want panels. We can also provide post and rail, trellis, picket, lapboard, feather edge or shiplap and it doesn’t end there as there is a massive range of modern natural fencing to choose from to.

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Turf can transform your garden almost instantly. There are only two ways to establish a lawn. Seed or turf, the first takes a very long time to look like anything at all and can’t be walked on for an age. This is where turf comes into it’s own as it can be laid in a day (depending on the area) and as long as it is treated correctly can be used after a very short time.

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At RJS Landscapes Cambridge we have a fantastic range of sheds to choose from in many shapes and sizes, sheds don’t have to be square. We have a standard range of sheds in pent, apex and flat roof styles but we can also supply bespoke shed. This means you can have any colour, style, finish, colour or design that you can think of.

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Ponds 0


At RJS Landscapes we know that getting the right balance of pants as well as filtration and oxygen is vital to the ponds well being.

Our ponds come in all shapes and sizes and we are happy to complete a pond in what ever style you desire.

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