Tarmac Drives

Tarmac Drives

Tarmac Drives Cambridge

Although Tarmac on a drive has gone out of fashion some what the material is still a very popular choice in relative terms.

We are still actively installing Tarmac driveways on a monthly basis and there is massive choice of colours which can be laid with extra coloured chippings to add that splash of colour.

 Our Process for laying Tarmac

  1. Excavate to reduced depth of at least 200mm below finished level (350mm below dpc) and cart all spoil to licensed, off-site tip.
  2. Excavate any soft spots in sub-grade as required and dispose.
  3. Install required edging /kerb stones bedded on and backed with concrete.
    There are many different types of driveway edging; however all edgings should be laid using the same specification, for domestic applications it is advised to lay them on a bed of 100mm of concrete back and front with concrete for added support. Care must be taken in relation to the levels and all edgings must be installed to the required falls and cross falls to assist water escape on the finished surface.
  4. Treat total area with weed killer and install a weed preventive and weight stabilising membrane to total area,
    A suitable strength weed killer must be used to ensure against re-growth and one which will kill through to the roots, It is always advised to use a suitable strength weed and weight stabilising membrane when constructing new driveways, one reason is to fully prevent weed growth and the weight stabilising properties will help to spread the weight of any vehicular traffic, ultimately giving a much stronger driveway surface.
  5. Supply, lay and compact minimum of 100mm of DTp1 crushed stone sub-base material to falls and levels.
  6. Supply, lay and compact 50mm of 20mm dense binder course Tarmac, and 25mm of 6mm hard stone Tarmac surface course to falls and levels.
  7.  Clear all site of debris and rubble on completion and make good.
  8. All Tarmac to comply with BS 4987

At RJS Landscapes our team will be happy to help you choose the material used and give you a no obligation quote.

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